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This is a Hands-On experience. Please be prepared to get dirty!

There are four distinct phases to producing wine that span mid-September through July. During each phase, you will participate in an on-site seminar that covers each topic in detail. Each seminar combines a lively presentation followed by hands-on wine-making activities using our state-of-the-art equipment. The four phases include:

Sorting and Initial Crush: Mid Sept.-Mid Nov., 2 hrs - You'll learn about the origins and history of your grape varietal. We'll also cover yeasts, fermentation and maceration and how they impact the flavor and character of your wine.

Pressing and Barrel Filling: Mid Sept-Mid Nov, 2 hrs - You'll learn about the metamorphosis of your grapes from juice to wine, and how the fermented juice is transported into aged barrels. During this seminar you will press your own grape must and fill your barrel.

Racking/Label Creation: February, 1.5 hrs - You'll learn about the benefits of racking and, along with our staff, participate in the actual process of racking your wine to remove sediment and clean your barrel.The hands-on portion of this seminar also includes custom designing your own label.

Bottling: July, 2.5 hrs - During our final seminar you'll learn about corks, bottle types, wine glasses and wine storage. You'll utilize our bottling station to bottle, cork and label your premium wine. Best of all, you'll realize the fruits of your labor when you take home your “piece de resistance” to enjoy with friends and family!

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