In the cellar: 2015 vintage wines have been bottled. We await the 2016 harvest.

In the field: By all accounts, the weather this year was and the grapes we are seeing all point to another high-quality harvest.

Keep and eye on the Weather in Napa with us


Sep 16, 2016


Chardonnay:  Still on the vine.  Looks like it will harvest with the Cab and Merlot below

Cab, Merlot, Syrah, Cab Franc;  There is some discussion of setting a harvest date for the first week of October which would put grapes here around the 11th/12th.  Hang tight.

Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Malbec . . Sugars are looking like they are at a 23 brix.  Depending on the heat, we are 2-3 weeks out.   Right now I am betting we will have fruit here with the Sonoma grapes around the 11th or 12th but 2-3 weeks is a long time.

Zinfandel:  Hard to nail down but Zin could ripen fast with its thin Skin.   I have not heard yet about Sugars  but have to believe we are looking like some time after the 5th

Grenache:  Will be coming out of Oregon, frozen (in Drums).  I expect that harvest will happen toward the 2nd week of October which could put us in position to start fermenting maybe on the 22nd of October.

  Going to follow the Zinfandel ...after the 5th of October

Chardonnay.  Like its Sonoma counterpart, it is tracking with the  Cabs and Merlots.  12 October at best.

Caldwell Cabernet ...John Caldwell likes to harvest last to give his fruit long hang time.  Not sure what that means for a harvest date.  Maybe the 12th which puts it here the following week.  Add in that it will come in frozen drums and we are probably looking at some time after 22 October.

Pinot Noir . . Grapes are picked and should be on site THIS Saturday morning to begin crushing.  We still have a little available that is scheduled to crush Monday evening at 7:30.  Catch us with interest.