How we Work (in a nutshell)


We are based on the California Harvest cycle so we get most of our fruit in early to mid October.

We sell 3 different quality levels of fruit we call them California, Sonoma and Napa (think good, better, best).

Details can be found on the Getting Started page where you can also find a link to the price list.

At each quality level, we sell quarter, half and full barrels. At the Napa level we have American and French Oak options.

The entire process takes about a year to complete (think October - for the crush & press, to the following August/September for bottling).

...and, in case you missed it, we were featured in the Wall Street Journal as New Jersey's DIY Wine company!!!


November 10, 2017


Looking back on the challenging Napa and Sonoma harvest this year, we are very relieved to be in the final phase of our winemaking season. Most wines are sitting in the barrel finishing up the primary fermentation.

We have limited options available with Flash Frozen fruit.

Several of you have asked how you can help our folks out in California.  The Red Cross of Napa Valley is always an option as is the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

You can also help by visiting the region. It is as beautiful as ever, and in need of your support!


In the cellar: Crush & Press. Barrel Aging!

In the field: Recovery.