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California WineWorks is a Custom Winemaking Facility located in Bergen County, NJ.   Our focus is on you, having fun, and helping you create your wine. 

By paring down winemaking to its simplest form and demystifying the process, we hope to encourage a life-long interest in making wine and foster a sense of community among our winemakers. 

We achieve this by Sourcing Premium Fruit, Practicing a Minimal Intervention Philosophy to deliver a balanced product, Providing all of the tools needed through the entire process.


The 2019 vintage continues to move at a rapid pace.  We are seeing Flowering and some Fruit Set.  For details on the weather, click HERE.

Winemaker News - 2019

The Harvest is upon us!

Saturday, October 5th:  arrival of  Pinot Noir, Zinfandels and Sonoma Cab Franc 

All other varieties, please watch this space.

We still have some partial barrels available. Please email us at info@cawineworks.com if you are interested in participating in winemaking this  this Fall...all indications are pointing to yet another fabulous California Vintage!

How We Work

We are based on the California Harvest cycle so we get most of our fruit in early to mid October.

We sell 3 different quality levels of fruit. We have branded them California, Sonoma and Napa (think good, better, best).


At each quality level, we sell quarter, half and full barrels. At the Napa level we have American and French Oak options. The entire process takes about a year to complete (think October - for the Crush & Press, to the following August/September for Bottling).

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California WineWorks

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