California WineWorks Labels

For each quarter of a barrel, one label set is included as part of your winemaking "package." Label amounts beyond that are subject to a fee of $50 an hour - minimum one hour per label.

Labeling Options are as follows:

  1. Label Templates. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to view a series of California WineWorks templates that you can simply "drop" your name into. 
  2. Custom Labels. For those of you who would like to use a label you created earlier with us, please email us at and let us know which and how many of your old labels you would like (updated with the new vintage, of course).
  3. Create your Own Labels. Create your own label and email us a digital image (jpg, psd, etc) at Be sure to save your file at a resolution of at least 300dpi. Please include the name of the barrel you are associated with and the number of labels you would like. Check out this site for ideas: .... and for free downloadable fonts. Labels are 3" X 3.6". Please do not go within 1/4" of the edge of the label. We need some wiggle room.

Professional Labels

If you would like to "notch up" the quality of your wine label, we have set up an agreement with Stoney Creek Wine Press where our customers receive a 20% discount. When you click below, the discount will be applied to your order at the shopping cart upon exiting. (You have to click on HERE, above, to get the discount applied...if you do not, the link with our site will not be recognized). 

Note: The cost for Stoney Creek wine labels IS NOT included in the price paid for your winemaking package - it is separate and independent. The 20% discount compensates for what we charged you for labels.