Planning Guide

What type of wine will you make?

  1. Sit back for a minute and think about what type of wines you like to drink. Red? White? Dry? Sweet? Buttery? Fruity? Just jot down a few words that come to mind describing your ideal.
  2. Next, when do you like to drink your wine? With food? Before a meal? At the end of the evening, while hanging out on the porch?
  3. Now take a quick spin through our Grape Details page and note anything that catches your eye. Think about  blends as well as single varietals. Now is a good time to think about your favorite wine. Do you know what  it is made of?
  4. Lastly you need to think a bit about Oak. Do you like the flavors it imparts? Stainless is an option but if you're going to age in barrels, then you need to decide: American or French?  American tends to be more obvious, impart more vanilla and be less  expensive. It is often chosen for standing up to stronger wines. French  is more subtle, complex and expensive. Have a preference? 

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